SW366 Gustav II Adolf Rapier


Gustav II Adolf was the king of Swedenf rom 1611 to 1632. Named “the Lion of the North”, his most trusted companion was its rapier. The artfully sweeping hilt with an open floral patterned base is typical. The blade is quite narrow for a rapier and it makes this a surprisingly quick, pleasantly lightweight, and deadly weapon. The textured grip is made of wood wound with black wire. A copper-colored wire plait separates the grip from the pear-shaped pommel and from the quillons. A matching scabbard is included.

Blade made of high quality high carbon steel. Scabbard included.

Weight 1.16 kg, total length 113 cm, blade length 97 cm, blade width at base 2.5 cm.

Made by Windlass Steelcraft

× All these weapons have steel blades, but are not intended for fencing, unless otherwise specified.