AX132 - Asgard Hatch & Raven knife set


A beautiful set of "belt tools" inspired by Norse mythology, attractively stored in an "Asgard Creations" gift/display box. The set includes an axe - with its belt sheath - and a knife, also with its belt sheath. Both blades are made of 1055 carbon steel, have a sharp edge and are though enough for heavy duty.

The hardwood handle of the axe is replete with nordic runes : Raido (journey), Fehu (wealth), Wunjo (joy), Ehwaz (movement), Naudiz (need), Eihwaz (defense), Teiwaz (warrior), Othila (family), and Thuisaz (giant). Overall length 38cm, blade 13cm wide, cutting edge 7,3cm, weight 565g. The fur is a false one, no reindeer armed.

The raven knife figures either Huginn (thought) or Muninn (memory/mind) shoulder raven of Odin. Length 25,8cm, blade 14,6cm, spine of the blade 5mm, weight 330g.

The box has leather straps to secure the set. Total weight 3,2kg.

× All these weapons have steel blades, but are not intended for fencing, unless otherwise specified.