AG157 Half armor Maximilian type 16th century


Made after the armor worn in battle by the emperor Maximillian, our replica shows fluted parts, destined to make them tougher. Of course, these parts being much more difficult to make, only rich nobles could afford such a kind of armor. 16th cent.

Our armor is made of polished steel, and includes burgonet, gorget, breast and back plates, spaulders, rerebrace, elbow cap, vambrace, gauntlet, tassets.

× All these armors made on measurement are EEC made, with a very high quality level. They are fully functionnal, made of 1.3/1.8mm steel plates. You will have to send us about 40 different measures to have your armor made. Please contact us to get the measurement chart. Delivery time is about 6 months, and a 50% payment is required at ordering.