AG153 Full armor 16th century


The armors of the 16th century are very near the gothic ones, except for the head protection, the sallet becoming an armet, with a single or double visor system, as it is the case here.

Our armor is made of polished steel, and includes an armet, gorget, breast and back plates, spaulders, rerebrace, elbow cap, vambrace, gauntlet, tassets, cuisses, knee cap, full greaves, feet defenses (sabattons)

× All these armors made on measurement are EEC made, with a very high quality level. They are fully functionnal, made of 1.3/1.8mm steel plates. You will have to send us about 40 different measures to have your armor made. Please contact us to get the measurement chart. Delivery time is about 6 months, and a 50% payment is required at ordering.